Your practical introduction to linear technology

Nowadays, when it comes to producing identical workpieces to a consistent quality standard, automation is an indispensable requirement if a company is to stay competitive. However, using linear technology to automate tasks is worthwhile in many other areas of industry, too. This free white paper helps you review the plausibility of various options, even without any extensive prior knowledge.


How to use linear technology to stay competitive:

  • A compact overview
    From the earliest days of automation to the first programmable logic controller (PLC) and the consequences of Industry 4.0 for automation.
  • The technical principles of automation
    Which components really matter for the performance of driven linear units and the design of complex movement sequences.
  • Choosing the right linear unit
    Different workpieces and production environments place different requirements on the configuration of individual components in a linear unit.
  • Various options compared
    Find out more about the specific advantages of various types of linear guide and drive technologies for certain automation tasks.

item Industrietechnik is the pioneer in building kit systems for industrial applications and a global market leader.

  • Experience
    item has been developing and distributing high-quality solutions for engineering machinery, fixtures and plants since 1976.
  • Selection & availability
    The product portfolio comprises more than 3,000 high-quality components that can be supplied very quickly thanks to our state-of-the-art logistics systems.
  • Everything for state-of-the-art production
    item helps its customers build machine bases, work benches, automation solutions and lean production applications.

Automation minimises the need for human intervention and the associated deviations as a source of errors. Put in place high standards that can be met with each and every repetition, thereby boosting quality and productivity.

Use the free white paper to establish the basics as you start exploring automation:

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