For an efficient production flow

Ergonomic work benches and efficient intralogistics.
Solutions in perfect harmony.

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The solution

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An ergonomic work bench that is ideal for your staff – short reaching distances and dependable, ergonomic material supply, even for the smallest of parts.

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Simple and rapid material resupply in efficient quantities and standard commercial containers, all geared precisely to internal production processes.

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Lösung 2


ergologistic® combines efficient intralogistics with ergonomic work benches that meet the needs of your staff perfectly. This makes processes more efficient and boosts productivity.

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Why ergologistic®

Unlike most current production systems, item ergologistic® strikes the perfect balance between the requirements of ergonomic work benches and efficient intralogistics:

Optimise the timings of manual production steps

Keep staff fit and healthy

Reduce absences

Save time in logistics processes

Boost the efficiency of production processes

Keep the workforce happier

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The benefits at a glance


Ergonomics pays!

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Ergonomics pays

Take a look at our free guidelines, which are based on the latest research findings. The ergonomic interlinking of work benches and intralogistics is a preventive strategy that really pays.

Lower illness-related costs

Design lean workstations

Read the latest research data

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