The risk of electrostatic discharges and how to handle electronic components at industrial work benches

Electrostatic discharges (ESDs) affect virtually any branch of industry where electronic components are manufactured or processed and are an often underestimated problem. The only way to successfully implement an ESD protection concept that is 100 percent effective is to ensure all staff members in at-risk areas understand the problem, accept the necessary measures and use the available protective equipment correctly.


From the formation of an ESD to the requirements profile of an EPA

  • What is ESD?
    Briefly and basically, it is the physical circumstances that cause various materials found in an industrial context to accumulate a charge.
  • What are the consequences?
    In reality, direct costs from faulty components only account for a small fraction of the actual repercussions of ESD damage.
  • How can risk be minimised?
    There are basic principles for establishing effective ESD protection that seamlessly combines employee training, proactive steps and monitoring procedures.

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