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In our Media Center you will find comprehensive information and interesting facts on the subject of ESD. Find out, among other things, which standards are important in a successful ESD protection concept and how to ensure your employees‘ awareness of these issues. Please select:

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The golden rules of ESD protection

Protecting against electrostatic discharges is something that is often neglected in the production of electronic equipment. This neglect can frequently lead to serious quality problems and thus financial consequences. However, even if a company has already put in place a concept for ESD protection, it is equally important that staff are reminded of some basic ESD rules.

The requirements of an EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area)

When manufacturing components that are electrostatically sensitive, electrostatic discharges (ESDs) can cause production errors without anyone even realising. Find out which components and procedures need to be incorporated when setting up and running an EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area) as part of a comprehensive ESD safety concept.


Our mission

We aim to help our customers avoid the risks associated with ESD by providing them with a wide range of optimally configured components, offering proficient consulting services and supporting effective knowledge transfer. As a dependable partner for ESD-safe work benches, we help you with everything from maintaining quality standards to pursuing the continuous improvement of ESD-safe workflows. What matters is protecting your products and ensuring the safety of your staff.


ESD protection with item

item has more than 200 specially trained staff members who are experts in ESD-safe work benches and will advise you on how best to use our approximately 1400 tested and ESD-safe articles. Like all the other countless ESD solutions we have previously put in place, we test every new customer project to ensure it is electrostatically dissipative before we send it out for delivery. The ESD-Akademie, a strong item partner, is also on hand to help with auditing or certification that you may require.


The 10 important rules of ESD protection

Clear rules apply when working in areas that are electrostatically sensitive. There are a number of important pitfalls in ESD protection that can easily be overlooked. Make the most of our specialist expertise in ESD protection, which is presented in a compact format that includes a practical checklist as the basis for continuously monitoring and enhancing ESD protection in your company.


Reliably avoiding ESD damage

To work safely with components that are electrostatically sensitive, it is vital to set up an Electrostatic Protected Area. Technical and organisational measures in this clearly demarcated area help to prevent electrostatic charges from accumulating and thus significantly reduce the risk of ESD damage. Along with the requirement to safely separate the EPA from other operations, the white paper also addresses issues that need to be factored in to ensure all equipment used reliably dissipates electrostatic charges.

Proportion of ESD damage that results in failures only after delivery to the customer


Effective ESD protection requires regular risk re-evaluation!

The number of ESD-sensitive components in many areas of production is continuing to grow. What’s more, extreme miniaturisation over recent years has seen many circuit components shrink down to a nanometre scale, thus making the individual components themselves much more susceptible to ESD damage.

The best possible protection at your ESD work bench

Electrostatic Protected Areas are highly effective in protecting electrostatically sensitive components against damage and failure. The free white paper tells you what to bear in mind when selecting and configuring components, equipment and panels in order to create an EPA.

Electrostatic discharges are hazardous to electronic components and virtually impossible for staff to prevent if they don’t have practical aids and are not familiar with effective countermeasures. Online training from the item Academy explains everything clearly.

item Academy

This free multimedia online training offering from the item Academy sets out the causes of ESDs and the fundamental issues when handling ESD-sensitive components. Divided into four sections, this modular basic course is packed with practical tips on avoiding ESD damage and ensuring staff take all necessary precautions when working in an EPA.