The perfect interplay of all components in linear technology

Optimum coordination between the linear unit, motor, gearbox and controller is essential when trying to achieve the best possible process efficiency in automation projects. This free white paper highlights the key components in drive technology for machinery, specifically electric motors, gearboxes and controllers. It also shows how automation solutions can now be planned faster, installed more easily and commissioned without any problems thanks to advances in technology.


The free white paper “Automation in industry II” includes the following content:

  • Electric motors
    The most important details regarding the specific benefits of direct-current motors and relevant types of three-phase AC motors – asynchronous motors, synchronous motors and stepper motors.
  • Gearboxes
    Find the optimum design of gearbox, which varies according to the gear transmission required for the application and the installation space available.
  • Encoder systems
    Depending on the production environment, different systems work best when trying to correct errors caused by slip and ensure maximum precision when controlling linear units.
  • Controllers
    Why the transition between open-loop and closed-loop control in state-of-the-art linear units is free flowing and an overarching PLC is often unnecessary now.

item Industrietechnik is the pioneer in building kit systems for industrial applications and a global market leader.

  • Experience
    item has been developing and distributing high-quality solutions for engineering machinery, fixtures and plants since 1976.
  • Selection & availability
    The product portfolio comprises more than 3,000 high-quality components that can be supplied very quickly thanks to our state-of-the-art logistics systems.
  • Everything for state-of-the-art production
    item helps its customers build machine bases, work benches, automation solutions and lean production applications.

State-of-the-art automation solutions are cost effective because they minimise the outlay on planning, installation and commissioning. Turn the benefits of automation to your advantage for countless industrial applications and gain an edge on the competition.

Use the free white paper to find out more about automation in industry:

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