item linear motion units®: Automation perfectly coordinated

Welcome to the future! The new item linear motion units® are revolutionising the way that automation solutions are planned, built and commissioned. A customised turnkey system comprising Linear Unit, Motor and Controller will help you boost your productivity fast.

item linear motion units® - comprehensive and user-friendly automation

Make the most of custom configured turnkey systems that make automation much easier. item linear motion units®

The turnkey system for your automation

Everything runs smoothly with us: item linear motion units® are comprehensive turnkey automation systems that significantly reduce your outlay.

Really simple

item MotionDesigner® translates your transport task into an all-in-one solution comprising a Linear Unit, Motor, Gearbox and Controller. Thanks to item MotionSoft®

Really smart

Nothing is missing! With just a few details, item MotionDesigner® can pull together the perfect configuration of components. You can also make the most of advice, support and services provided first-hand by item.

Really fast

Simply unpack, install and use! Your custom item linear motion unit® is supplied preassembled and ready-to-install. What’s more, item MotionSoft® directly accesses the data you entered earlier in item MotionDesigner®.

Really productive

Cut out countless steps that would normally be unavoidable. Intelligent software helps you with expert knowledge and you end up with a preassembled turnkey system that you can start using straight away.

Automation components and add-ons

Automation components and add-ons

An item linear motion unit® is a made-to-measure combination of:

Linear Unit

26 systems with various drive and guide technologies, optimised for speed, payload, precision and stroke length.


Highly dynamic synchronous servomotors for short cycle times and dependable precision, includingmaintenance-free Gearboxes and optimised Drive Sets.


Motion profiles can be implemented directly in the Controller, meaning a PLC is often unnecessary, but can be connected if required. For all conventional fieldbus systems.

Cables and accessories

Enjoy maximum safety and rapid installation, thanks to tamper-proof connectors and colour coding.

Automation software to speed up planning

It has never been so easy to find the perfect automation solution: Intelligent software support for choosing, designing and configuring the ideal system.


item MotionDesigner®: The selection and design tool

item MotionDesigner® is completely free to use and analyses thousands of options to calculate the perfect combination of components for your specific task. You end up with the right selection of products and a list of useful accessories. This intelligent software covers the entire transport task and factors in your dynamic requirements and technical parameters (operating load, stroke, speed).

start configuration

Automation software for straightforward commissioning

Where the configuration software item MotionDesigner® leaves off, commissioning software item MotionSoft® picks up seamlessly. All the data you have already entered is reused, avoiding duplication and saving you a lot of time.

  • Commission your motorised Linear Unit in a few minutes

  • Reuse data from item MotionDesigner®

  • Automatically check the entire system and calculate the optimum Controller settings

Commissioning really can be this easy

Simply unpack, install and use! These integrated functions ensure the preassembled turnkey systems can be up and running in next to no time.

Advice and support

Support Services

item offers service and support throughout the entire lifecycle of your automation solution and beyond. Our team of specialists advises you from the idea right through to the finished system. Useful information, ranging from manuals and FAQs to helpful videos, can be found online.


A valuable store of know-how


Do you want to know more about the basics of linear drives, electric motors and gearboxes? We’ve summed up what you need to know about the fundamental technologies in two White Papers. The White Paper “Automation in industry I” focuses on mechanics, while the White Paper “Automation in industry II” deals with the electrical components and drive train.