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Realising robotics safely

From idea via risk evaluation to declaration of conformity in line with the Machinery Directive – this guide gives you a detailed overview of the crucial standards and concrete aids when creating safe robotics applications in your company. Gain valuable background knowledge about risk analysis and the special requirements for human-robot collaboration.

Background to the EC Machinery Directive

The EC Machinery Directive is a manufacturer guideline and part of the framework for CE marking requirements in the EU. It aims to ensure that products placed on the market are safe. The companies that build a machine or robotics application are responsible for its safety. The overarching aim of the MD is to ensure product users are safe, to identify potential risks in advance and to minimise these risks with appropriate protective measures.

Applying the Machinery Directive to robotics:

  • General design guidelines from DIN EN ISO 12100
  • Specific requirements from DIN EN ISO 10218
  • Biomechanical limits in line with ISO TS15066

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