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Planning assembly work benches in the Work Bench Configurator

Designed to boost efficiency and employee safety, the modular Work Bench System from item has everything you need to set up an ergonomic assembly work bench with matching accessories. Work benches and chairs support stepless height adjustment, meaning they can be adapted to each individual employee. There are also ESD safety components available for all areas of the working environment. Thanks to the Work Bench Configurator, planning an assembly work bench has never been so quick and easy. Working directly in their browser, users drag their chosen components directly onto the 3D working area of the Work Bench Configurator and modify them there.

User-friendliness in the Work Bench Configurator

What you see is what you get – you obtain a precise 3D visualisation of your production work bench and can zoom in and out freely and move around the working area. You have total freedom when planning your assembly work bench in the Work Bench Configurator. At the same time, rules and intelligent automatic processes ensure everything is in order and that ESD safety is implemented where required.

Flexibly adapt preconfigured models

Eager to get to work in the Work Bench Configurator? Well there’s no need to wait, as we have created four preconfigured solutions for you. These range from an ergonomic, electrically height-adjustable standard bench all the way to a work bench with all-round ESD safety. Use these preconfigured models as the basis for planning your very own assembly work benches – and adapt them to your specifications.

Other benefits of the Work Bench Configurator

The Work Bench Configurator from item takes care of numerous aspects for you when designing your assembly work bench.

The benefits for you include:

  • A tool that works with you – necessary fastening elements are added automatically.
  • The choice between customised or standardised bench widths – with no difference in delivery time.
  • Automatic conversion of projects that have already been started, should you decide ESD safeguards are required after all.

Discover the potential of the Work Bench Configurator today – our experts are also more than happy to advise you personally.

Preconfigured solutions

Planning assembly work benches – preconfigured solutions

Personalised advice

Designing assembly work benches – personalised advice

Take advantage of practical preconfigured solutions for the Work Bench Configurator today! We’d also be more than happy to give you personalised advice on ergonomic work bench design.